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We produce more than a million paper snackbags, pointed bags, cornets, cones, french fry bags and carrybags a day. Sometimes we have more than 1000 tons of paper or bags in stock. Therefor  we can continually supply our customers in case of peaks of demands. More »


RABO Verpakkingen B.V. has more than ten own lines of neutral printed paper bags and carrybags in stock. Wholesalers can order our products as they wish and resell them to the snackbar etc. See the designs by clicking the arrow

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RABO Verpakkingen B.V.  continually tracks the newest developments concerning environmental managemant.

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Rabo verpakkingen is FSC certified, we can deliver our packaging products with FSC certificate. The resources we use are coming from reliable managed forests.
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We supply superfast a qualitative good product

Rabo Verpakkingen B.V. is specialized in producing snackbags, pointed bag, cornets, cones, french fry bags and carrybags for the snackbar.

We produce our products for chiefly wholesalers and keep them in stock for them. We don't supply snackbars and restaurants directly.

With 12 production lines - partly developed by ourself - we confine ourself to this group of customers. Therefor we can supply superfast a qualitative good product.



Rabo verpakkingen has added three new packaging lines to the range
Supporter van Schoon, Oliebolzakken and Viszakken
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